China to take countermeasure after US imposes new tariffs
China will have to take countermeasures to respond to the US' fresh tariff decision, in a move to safeguard the country's legitimate interests and the global free trade order.
Sino-Russian military cooperation highlights close bilateral ties
China’s participation in the joint military exercise between China and Russia indicates strengthened military cooperation and bilateral ties between the two sides, an expert noted.
S. Korean president arrives in Pyongyang for summit with DPRK top leader
South Korean President Moon Jae-in arrived in Pyongyang on Tuesday for a much-anticipated meeting with Kim Jong Un.
Reform and opening up to ensure China’s high-quality economic growth
China’s reform and opening up policy, an important engine driving up its economy in the past 40 years, would ensure a high-quality economic growth in the future.
China eyes safer Internet of Things with stronger cyber security laws and self-developed OS
Hundreds of thousands of Apple lovers across the world all suffered a narrow escape from having their iconic iPhones shipment delayed.
Dunhuang desert uses rich trade history to promote tourism
For hundreds of years, this area has been important to China, being established as a major hub of the old Silk Road.
People’s Daily Online seeks English copy-editor
People’s Daily Online is looking for full-time English-speaking editors. The openings are based in Beijing.

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